System:slim – real food, real weight loss, real support

At Sunshine Pharmacy, we have trained consultants who are professional weight managers. We know how hard it can be to lose weight.

System:slim will provide you with a complete weight loss programme that will give you an overall feeling of wellbeing as well as an increase in energy so that you can achieve the results you want. All our eating programmes utilise the following principles:

  1. Reducing fat
  2. Increasing fibre
  3. Increasing the quality of the carbohydrates consumed
  4. Eating lower GI foods

At system:slim you will find:

  • Consultations are private
  • Eating plans are easy to follow and give you real results
  • Your cravings will STOP!
  • You will be encouraged and motivated by people who care
  • Range of products to aid your weight loss
  • Education to keep your weight off for life

System:slim does NOT make you go through starvation diets, wonder drugs, prepackaged foods, blood tests or unrealistic expectations.

System:slim is supported by a range of unique and invaluable nutritional supplements. The three core products below are highly recommended on your initial visit and work positively with the programme to ensure that you receive maximum nutritional support that your body needs on a daily basis. We also have a range of health and wellness products that we can recommend if required.

Weight Manager

Weight Manager helps to release and metabolise stored fat from the body tissues, liver and blood, which improves body composition and lowers cholesterol. Weight Manager also helps increase energy and combat stress and anxiety.

Cleanse Plus

Cleanse Plus is designed not only to support the detoxification process but also protects the liver function. As fat cells are released into the blood, so will toxins, which need to be eliminated.

Nutrient +

A unique combination of minerals and vitamins, this formula ensures proper functioning of the nervous and digestive systems. Long term stress increases the body’s requirements for nutrients. Nutrient + is high in chromium which helps to balance blood sugar levels and assists with carbohydrate cravings.

The following supplements complete this programme for healthy weight and long term wellbeing: Multi-C, Cal-Mag, GI Support, Natural Diuretic & Women’s Balance.

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